As sellers attending networking events, our main job is to meet the ‘right’ people and then to create fascinating conversations that will not only give us the opportunity to ask for business cards, but also to get a commitment to meet up again.

Your focus at these events should be on creating fun, interesting and useful conversations. You should never sell anything other than yourself and your expertise; your aim is to be useful to others. People are more willing to meet up with meet someone they like and who could be useful.

I believe that you should NOT do a 60 second pitch unless you are specifically invited to do so.

Buyers are attending networking events to meet with their peers, to listen to a speaker or, at certain events, to sell their services. People seldom attend a networking event to buy.

Normally when someone switches from one supplier to another they already have a relationship with the new supplier. Your aim is to be the supplier of choice when this happens so you should focus on creating interesting conversations and building up that relationship.

So when people ask what you do they aren’t asking you to pitch, they are seeking to start a conversation. Your response should only be about 30 seconds and it should contain something they can ask you more about.

  • Your introduction has to have a maximum of 3 key words / terms / phrases
  • It must sound fresh and full of energy
  • It must ‘hook’ in people’s interest so they ask for more
  • You must never force the conversation
  • Create a conversation, don’t try to sell your products and services
  • If they don’t ask you anything about your business, don’t carry on, ask them questions about themselves instead
  • See if you can ask the other person about themselves first, as that way you can position your introduction to fit more around them

The best time to use this is:

  • At networking events, to create a conversation
  • The first time you meet a buyer, to position yourself clearly as an expert
  • With your connectors, to give them a concise message to pass onto their contacts