This pitch hinges on who you are pitching to as you could be talking with a recruiter, a peer, a decision maker or an influencer. You will need to adapt this pitch accordingly.

The main aim is to get across your key message which should contain 3 key words / terms which are aligned to the opportunity you are seeking. Added to this will be your personality and your perceived ‘fit’ in the organisation.

The reason why I focus on 3 key words or terms is because most people will only retain a few words and when looking to place you in an organisation will tend to use only 3 words or terms.

Recruiters tend to think in boxes (no matter how much you might hate this) so your key words must fit their boxes.

A peer is normally fairly knowledgeable about their line of work so by using their language you are playing into their sphere of influence. Many companies chose to offer incentives for recommending someone rather than working with an agent (this saves recruitment fees) so if this person is able to quickly recall your key message it will help them to put you forward.

An influencer is someone who can offer an opinion about you so giving them keywords which they can work with will be hugely helpful. Make sure you align your key words to the relevant organisation / industry / sector.