The focus for this pitch is to help you hear about internal opportunities by raising your profile and helping you put across a succinct message. From a networking point of view, it’s important for you to identify your key decision makers and influencers and start to build relationships with these people. Your aim is to learn what their priorities are and the language they use to describe them. Understanding how they express their priorities will be important when you work on your own key words or terms.

There are 3 key areas you need to focus on:

  1. Getting your message clear and succinct
  2. Evidencing what you say
  3. Helping people see that you ‘fit’

This pitch is aimed at your line manager or the next level line management and influencers. In reality you don’t actually pitch, you make a statements of fact and drop key words or terms into conversations. What’s important is that those you need to influence understand you and what you want.  You need to reinforce your message by bringing your expertise into conversations in meetings, at events, via email etc.   Your influencers need to understand your experience, passion and willingness.

The important message I want to get across to you at this point is that you need to repeat your message constantly (and appropriately) over a period of time. Just doing it once won’t be enough as people will rarely take it in the first time round. It has to be repeated so don’t be afraid of reinforcing your message at meetings, over coffee, at events, in your appraisals etc.