What makes a brilliant 60 second pitch?

  • Your introduction should either hook people into a conversation or give them enough so they want to speak to you again later
  • To keep them interested in you the words you use should:
    • Be succinct
    • Include relevant key terms relating to the person / industry / subject / skills
  • The way you talk should keep them listening so it must be said with:
    • Energy and passion in your voice, eyes and body language
    • Conviction
  • How you behave must demonstrate what you are saying so think about:
    • How you treat your colleagues and those around you
    • Your non-verbal language
  • Focus on your objective
    • Create interest from the listener
    • Make them curious to learn more so that you can ask for a follow-up

Your main objective is to get an appointment to meet up or have a skype / telephone call.

You should use your pitch:

  • At recruitment fairs
  • At university events where companies are presenting / exhibiting
  • By means of opening up a conversation (over a cup of coffee) with an influencer or decision maker
  • With your university’s career services
  • With your professors

Before you meet any of the above people plan and research:

  • Who are you going to meet?
  • What are the current trends / issues for that company / industry / sector / subject
  • Check them out on LinkedIn (Don’t worry about adjusting your viewing, you want them to know you have done your research)
  • Google them to see what issues they might be posting about
  • Follow them on Twitter/Instagram
  • Find out who the thought leaders are in the field you are interested in and what papers / articles etc. they have written.

What to remember when pitching to a recruitment agency:

  • They’ve heard 1000s of ‘pitches’
  • They tend to tune out rather than tune in
  • They need someone they can sell on
  • You don’t have to build a ‘relationship’ but must sound useful and sellable

I recently attended the EAIE conference and one of the session was called What makes a candidate more employable. The panel included an IBM In-house recruiter and specialist graduate recruiter. They put up a slide listing the bullet points below as key for graduate recruitment.

  • Communication skills
  • Computer and technical literacy
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Analytical and research skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork in a diverse team
  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Planning and organising
  • Problem solving and reasoning

I would add:

  • The right attitude and cultural fit
  • People who have an understanding of global cultures and have a global network