After years of teaching in-house Networking and Personal Brand training programmes, Heather White has come up with these fantastic online training courses which are open to everyone.

Practical Personal Brand for Self Employed & Sales People

Are you self-employed, or in sales and want to increase your revenue? The most efficient way to do this is to make sure your contacts understand your personal brand so it, and they, can work for you. This online course will show you how to grab your current reputation and turn it into a brand that works effectively for you, even when you’re not there!


How To Find Business Networking Groups Anywhere in the UK

Do you go to networking events only to find that the people you really want to meet aren’t there? This course will give you a step-by-step process for finding any network in the UK so you can meet the people that matter to you. It will also cover the 3 things you must never do and 3 things you should always do at networking events.


  • This course is very easy to follow as it builds well. Heather White presents in a very personable way that gives you confidence that you can do the exercises she sets. You also know she has been through this process. At the end of the process, provided you have done the exercises, you will have a strong personal brand which will allow you to sell your skills more precisely and succinctly however you make your living.
    Nigel Cairns
  • This course is very different to other material on personal branding, in that it does focus on the practical. For me, the best part is the ‘go-to-market’ plan which gives everything structure, and without it, one has no direction. Heather takes you through all the elements of research and message creation that you need, and recognising that this not easy, she contacts you directly to give you guidance and support.
    Paul Williams
  • I found this course really useful and within minutes had picked up ideas to use in a meeting later that day and another idea about how to present my brand in emails. The presentation style is varied and fresh. Heather is a great presenter and her personality comes across in the lessons. I have recommended this course to my colleagues.
    Chas Bailey
  • I would highly recommend this course. I have been working my through the course in a structured way and it’s amazing how it galvanizes ones’ thoughts and ideas which leads to defining a clear way to create a plan and a brand. Wish I had done it years ago!
    Alan Styant
  • A truly beneficial course, great content and very useful advice… I found the course to be extremely informative in regards to developing your career and promotion prospects… I found the e-learning course gave me the freedom to work from any location at a time convenient to me, hence I could then break the course down into chunks and tailor it to fit around my schedule which was absolutely perfect.
    Beverley Davis

If you would like to talk to someone about our online courses please contact Heather on +44 (0)777 585 5764 or