How to Work a Room e-Book

How to Work a Room with ease, confidence & results by Heather White is easy to read, highly practical and contains over 300 tips on how to work a room in a way that is authentic, effective and highly professional. It covers:

  • What to do before you arrive
  • Breaking into a group
  • Moving away from a group / person
  • Changing the conversation
  • How genders interact differently
  • How to avoid the glazed look

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The Smarter Networking YouTube channel contains lots of interesting and informative video tips, and interviews by Heather White, and some of the excellent networkers we have met over the years. It includes:

  • Networking Strategy videos
  • Quick Networking Tips
  • Personal Brand for PAs
  • Interviews with NEDs & Trustees
  • Heather in action as a Speaker
  • Networking on the Move videos

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People Alchemy

People Alchemy is an excellent management resource. Heather White is just one of over 80 management experts who have written a series of comprehensive tips, knowledge and wisdom accessible from your desktop.

The follow-up is an open example of one of Heather White’s chapters

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